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  • don't always listen to the GPS. :-P
  • roads? where we're going.. we don't need… roads.
  • PSY is something else.
    • i have been to gangnam.
    • i lived in south korea for 3 years.
      • do not ever be afraid to express yourself.

pixel artwork by spiky side up

  • “don't walk”
  • shout out to espn, dan patrick, my main man.
    • yeah, we do causes..
      • if it's something we truly believe in our hearts.. we get involved.
      • in this league there's something brewing.. you can see it in patrick ewing.
        • when an it's an extra step he's taking, it's a rule he is breaking
        • it's in the book, page 35, section 14.
          • *creepy marlin shaking maracas*
          • the college guys don't do it, plant your pivot foot, there's nothing to it.
          • don't walk!
          • don't walk!
          • enjoy.
  • shout out to giphy.
    • but, are they in the right order?
      • and why is dkong the only one violating driving best practices?
        • .. besides yoshi with that tongue, wow! LOL
          • the synchronization.. :-P

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