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mission statement

mn.retrogamer is a focused, technology-driven organization of retro gaming enthusiasts with a passion for video game emulation, open source software, open source hardware hacking, open knowledge, the Internet of Things, robotics, and automation.

  1. we strive to preserve, explore, document, improve & celebrate gaming platforms of the past using video game emulation.
  2. we shall observe & promote anti-addictive, anti-violent, & anti-profanity gaming options.
  3. we provide all members with the tools & training necessary to become active, social, contributing members of the group.
  4. we shall celebrate open knowledge through development & administration of a public, long-term Wiki surrounding our areas of interest.
  5. we shall celebrate private cloud storage through development & administration of a private, long-term NextCloud to centralize & protect all group data.
  6. we shall learn, build, play, & modify in the sandbox through development & administration of a privately hosted, long-term Minecraft server infrastructure that will have server configurations for different play styles & objectives.
  7. we shall learn, build, & embrace the Internet of Things as the future methodology for hands-free environmental monitoring, action & reaction.
  8. we shall learn, build, & embrace single-board computing & hardware hacking in all shapes, sizes & forms to encourage learning & creativity.
  9. we shall learn & explore software [ROM] hacking & enhancements to fully understand & embrace the true intention of the creator.

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