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pixel artwork by lycanthropic blogger

dokuWiki by mn.retrogamer

playerX@dokuWiki:/$ ls

/etc/motd ::: who we are

/home ::: specializations

/var/lib ::: core knowledge

/usr/src ::: open source

operating systems

emulation operating systems

emulation front-ends

/var/games/nintendo ::: nintendo console gaming

/var/games/sandbox ::: graphical mud/sandbox

/var/games/old_sk00l ::: player1 hosted classics

/var/games/sim ::: hifi simulation

/var/games/physics ::: go for gold

/dev/urandom ::: choose thy adventure, traveler

/root ::: stay awhile & listen ::: there's absolutely no place like home

/var/log/ ::: recent changes

playerX@dokuWiki:/$ logout

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